Invisible Limitations

invisible limitations

Limitations of our freedom are all around us, even though they aren’t always obvious.

In this world we live within frameworks we often didn’t choose for. We have to comply to laws we might not agree with, we need to pay our bills, live up to social expectations and compulsory education forces us to go to school.

We are not always aware of these limitations, but are obliged to always act within these behavioral frameworks. We can therefore, label these frameworks as the: ‘Invisible limitations of the autonomous individual’.

Now, that does sound a little bit heavy doesn’t it?

In a way it is, in another it isn’t. I think the most important of all is the fact we become aware of the limitations of our freedom, and we get the right knowledge and tools to expand it when necessary.

The goal of this e-book

In this e-book I’d like to explore the limits of our freedom. Where does it stop? Why does it stop there? And what can we do to cross that line anyway? (no worries, everything will stay legal) 😉

We will take a look at what philosophers and scientists have to say about human nature and freedom. We will learn from them, and get a deeper understanding of the frameworks of our freedom.

In our journey we will come across:

  • The beauty of our selfish needs
  • An overview of the threats of our freedom, and how to overcome them
  • What justifies the limitations of our freedom
  • Why democracy isn’t such a bad system
  • Why the educational system needs a serious update
  • Convenient tools to expand your individual freedom

Ready? You can download the e-book below!